Effortless Lifting Of Odd-Shaped Loads: 90° Roll Tipper

Odd-shaped loads used to be difficult to handle. It would take more than two person to carry and place it onto a pallet for the forklift to transport it around. Imagine odd-shaped loads meant for industrial uses, which generally weighs at least half a ton?

Introducing one of the latest product to offer to our customers: 90° Roll Tipper.

The 90° tipper is a hydraulically powered 90° tipper systems handling 500 kgs to 15000kgs and build machines purely to order according to the size and weight of your loads and your methods of handling.

The 90° tipper’s most common applications involve tipping paper reels through 90° for processing and turning steel coils to suit delivery or storage requirements.

To make your process much more efficient, why not try our 90° Roll Tipper?