Protema Electric Lifter

Are you looking for a mobile lifter that gives you the flexibility to eliminate manual handlings?

Protema electric lifter is mobile electric lifter made in aluminum profile. It can be used to lift drums, bales, tires, containers and much more. Protema lifters are manufactured with focus on functionality, flexibility and reliability. With the Protema electric lifter, you can easily lift, turn, rotate, tilt and move objects and goods effortlessly.

Industrial Use: The Protema lifter with EasySqueeze tool is optimal for lifting, tilting and rotating drums in various sizes.
Customizable: All Protema lifts can each be customised and offer a choice of lifting heights and lifting capacities. Our technical engineers will modify the standard versions to suit your requirements.
Hygienic and Ergonomic Design: Smooth surfaces and seamless design makes our Protema electric lifter a safe and hygienic product. The lifter, handle and control in particular, are carefully designed to achieve the utmost in good ergonomics.
Tilt and Empty: This Protema electric lifter has a special functional tool that is used to empty the contents of the stainless steel container into the baking machinery. This function is commonly used in food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.
Ergonomically Designed: Various types and sizes of boxes can be lifted and moved quickly and safely with our Protema lifter equipped with a platform.